Stephen PriceICCAMHSwebStephen Price has raw, inherently calming talent that needs to be nurtured, with a strong drive. He does not want to do anything else. Along with a carer/helper, he has managed to completed two terms at NIDA but did not find its structured, able bodied-focused learning to his liking.

However with the right compassionate support, guidance and access to relevant industry resources, Stephen can achieve great things. He has a sense of humour and enjoys going to musical theatre, and watching a lot of television, which has fed him a good knowledge of television stars as well as an understanding of some human emotions.

At the same time, Stephen hopes that his performance will break through the mainstream ceiling previously denied to his peers. With guidance, he will be a good actor and has an energetic screen and stage presence. While looking for experience in his first professional role, he is able to work through the year. He is very keen and dedicated, with most of his intensity and attention on short basic lines.