Serag Mohamed 444035Serag Mohamed is an Australian actor who is of Egyptian descent but who can also pass for an international look. Born and raised in Sydney, he studied and graduated from acting at NIDA in 2010. Since moving to Los Angeles in 2012, he has been in multiple feature films and productions. He was thrilled to work with veritable Hollywood talents like Vivica A. Fox, Tom Sizemore and Eric Roberts while continuing to study improvisation with Groundlings.

Serag is currently training with Casting Director Scott David (“Criminal Minds” and many more hit shows). Commuting between Los Angeles and Sydney, he is always keeping his craft sharp and at the top of his game with many different respectable industry professionals. Tall, thick-jawed and intimidating hiding moral complexities, unexpected depths and a spiritually soft heart which can play both straight man foil and the gritty, he hopes to establish mainstream protagonist status in no time.

In a previous life, Serag’s occupation in Sydney before moving to the States was a Correctional Officer in a maximum-security prison. He is the youngest of three brothers in an action-packed and rambunctious family.