Sandy HsuHSA classically trained singer, songwriter, musician and artist at the ripe age of 18, Sandy Hsu knows one thing or two about being a high achiever. One glance at her secondary education portfolio, you’d be forgiven for thinking that she’s compressed several lifetimes’ worth into a few short years on earth but she has. A scholar by strategy, a leader by nature, a songbird by calling and a writer by competition, she commenced her career by formally playing on both the clarinet and saxophone’s mouthpieces, and working her way up through the choral ranks with Australian Girls’ Choir for 7 years.

Although Sandy can straddle most styles, her strengths lie in pop, indie, folk, rock and country, and self-taught in the use of any instrument. She has headlined live shows at bookshops, school bands and twilight performances as well as chronicling her own YouTube channel with covers and original songs. One such highlight was tearing up the stage with Catchment Players of Darebin and got an electric thrill out of musical theatre.

Individually, Sandy has developed a marketer’s eye for detail having released an eponymous self-funded debut EP “Sandy” at 15 years old as well as a demo album two years later. Her works can be seen through – which also shows off modelling veneer: right down to floral crowns and charmingly dove-like vintage clothing.

Though Sandy is confident in her musical styling, she eventually wants to expand into film and television and will try anything. Indeed, by taking a cannonball run at the stars, she is maturing into a young, active, polished and perfectionistic woman with a plan.