Ryuichi FujimuraHS2016Since the mid-1990s, Japanese-born Ryuichi Fujimura has extensively studied contemporary dance technique, improvisation and choreography in Sydney and overseas on an ongoing basis. Within his spontaneously natural, gentle, hypnotic, abstract and inventive dance style, this level of his commitment, engagement and self-expression is as much as a commentary on his body as on his life.

Over the last thirteen years, the dance artist has collaborated with both emerging and established dance/theatre artists in various theatre, opera, musical productions and installation spaces. His past collaborators have included Danielle Micichi, Xavier le Roy, Tess de Quincey, Jim Sharman, Vicki Van Haut, Alan Schacher, Kate Champion, Kate Sherman and Kym Vercoe.

Since 2003 Ryuichi has regularly performed in Sydney’s improvisation nights including “Rushing for the Sloth” and “Blind Date” at Omeo Dance Studio. He is currently a co-curator of “Whip It”, a regular forum of improvised performance. Through workshops by local and international artists including John Britton, Julyen Hamilton and SITI members as well as weekly dance classes, he is continually honing his craft as a ‘mover’ of the times.