Ricardo RosaHS2After coming to Sydney aged 3 from El Salvador, Ricardo Rosa fell in love with Australia but it was not during his first year of high school that he commenced an equally exciting affair with the performing arts. When he landed the lead role in the school play, a music teacher exclaimed that she had discovered a ‘boy soprano’ in the mist! What followed was an illustrious career as youth choir singer for Sydney Opera House and an international tour for SBS.

Despite far-flung steps on the world stage, Ricardo had not forgotten his rich Latin American roots. Raised in western suburbs, it was often a both challenge and an opportunity for him to acknowledge and become closer to his heritage. As a young adult, he took salsa lessons with Marcia Pinheiro Percival (now Director of the world-renowned Sydney Latin Festival). This led him to ignite his passion for a euphoric style of dance, cultural and spiritual growth with his remarkable vocal range in tenor, percussion, ballad and cabaret – to name a few.

Other than acting experience and hospitality for Princess Cruise Lines, Ricardo demonstrates entertainment business know-how as owner of Lorita Arts Entertainment, a boutique entertainment entity. As Master of Ceremonies (MC) he has hosted numerous corporate events, weddings, functions and private shows with showmanship, artistic flair and well-wishing aplomb. His Brazilian “Carnival” and Latin “Caipirinha” shows full of flashily-clad samba, salsa and merengue choreographies and a live music atmosphere have been a hit with audiences. He is something of a beast on shoulder keyboard or keytar (Rolanx AX-Synth), which is a remote synthesizer allowing him to play solo-orientated, real sounds.

As a charming, keen, passionate, engaging and clued-in Latin American pianist, disc jockey (DJ), vocalist, dancer and coach Ricardo hopes to apply this professional training by bringing them to relevance and impact within a creative and performing space. He also has served as promoter for newspaper publications, telecommunications and music festivals as well as dressed up in various animal and superhero costumes for children’s entertainment.

Meanwhile, this boy soprano has plenty of opinions on cultural assumptions, committed to promoting and celebrating ethnic diversity in Australia:

'Through my own personal perseverance, I am now just commencing to utilise my artistic capacity to make an impact in the Australian performing arts industry, I wish for nothing more than to share the sheer beauty of the arts and collaborate with others of like mind, I can safely say the best is yet to come!