Ramon Angeloni 337457Ramon Angeloni was American born to his father, who was an actor and swing band musician, and his mother who came from the same small town in Italy. The former taught him music and fashion, while he eventually found his stage voice to overcome his shyness.

Ramon studied drama at the Lee Strasberg Institute from 1972 to 1976 in Hollywood where he performed in his first three theatre productions. His classes included acting, comedy improvisation and directing. Joining Screen Actors Union in 1977 he began his long career in film, television, stage, and commercials. In Los Angeles, he was involved in many theatre productions mostly as an actor but also as a director and producer. He takes this profession very seriously and is proud to say that he has never missed any class, rehearsal, performance or audition since he began.

Known for his comic timing, Ramon taught comedy improv and formed the group Now What, which performed in local clubs and at The Comedy Store. He is also comfortable in drama. As Doctor Rank in “Doll’s House” (1988), a Los Angeles reviewer wrote: ‘Ramon Angeloni scores magnificently as the doomed family friend’.

As a volunteer Ramon has led workshops in acting and creative writing to homeless teens living on Hollywood Boulevard. He was involved with rewarding organisations such as "My Friend’s Place", " Free Arts for Abused Children"; helped put on events like Special Olympics and raised money for abused women in “Window Between Worlds”; as well as an afterschool program "A Place called Home", again for young people. In addition, he taught a weekly writing group for adults and writing classes at a junior college. 

Moving to Australia, Ramon continued his profession appearing in local theatre, film and commercials as well as continuing his teaching for improvisation workshops in Castlemaine, VIC where he currently resides in. He became the director and leader of the Theatresports performing group The Improvables. He is also the author of the non-fictional book of short stories “Bus Shorts of Hollywood.”

At times when Ramon may doubt his desires and wishes, he often remembers what Walt Disney once said in the same situation: ‘If you can dream it, you can do it.’