Raea Swan 340045If there’s one vision that Raea Swan has to possess in this life and the next, it’s to light the magic that encompasses all of human existence and to be the greatest actress in truth, humanity and love. It is for this reason that her stories tend to veer into the realms of the grounded and the deeply spiritual, in the youthfully whimsical and mischievous – and of course in the classically serious and socially conscious. She treats each piece like a geyser of inspiration, inviting both risk and playfulness, with the aim of embodying and releasing the craft, and to touch and move all iron-willed hearts of her audience. As a born entertainer, she has been known to infuse and ground some of these emotions into her dancing and vocals.

Raea’s studies at Trinity College London also honed her formal training and pianist ability as well as a Diploma of Theatre Performance for Sydney Theatre School. She has lived in France, where she found it to be an eye-opener. In her downtime, Raea likes to relax with Tai Chi and artistic gymnastics, which makes her the perfect body contortionist for physical theatre and improvisation.

Overall Raea is focusing on acting and singing, where her alternately impulsive and pragmatic nature allows her to best express the naked parts of humanity and going for depth into these areas of her passion. She has played piano since she was 5, learning from a private tutor and took to competitions and the stage like a black swan to the lake.

Don’t be fooled by the fabulously fashionable and atypical thespian, recording artist and director; Raea can whip out some of her favourite Shakespearian sonnets at the drop of a hat and can practically read from a phone book in a Mandarin, Irish, French or American accent masterfully!