Olga Olshansky 374133Since coming to Australia in 1999, Russian-born Olga Olshansky completed a Bachelor of Degree in Hospitality & Tourism Management as well as an overseas degree in teaching languages. In between, she has found time to raise a young family. She recently pursued her lifelong desire for acting, starting with training at the Actors’ Centre in Sydney under Dean Carey’s tutelage and since has completed other courses with top instructors and casting directors such as McSweeney, Newman, Meindl and Barry. 

Dedicated, confident, responsible and analytical, Olga is a quick learner who adapts her work ethic well to short films, prime TV and ads. She can spot an occasional extra opportunity, in corporate brands: “McDonalds”, “Holden”, IKEA” as well as those of TV drama and reality shows “My Kitchen Rules”, “Home & Away”, “Packed to the Rafters” and “Dance Academy”. In addition, she has worked as a lifestyle/commercial model for well- known hair and makeup products, car dealerships and local clubs (online and print). More excitingly, her post- apocalyptic action/fantasy web series “Atomic Kingdom” has been commissioned by Channel 31 Melbourne to order as a fully-fledged TV series and will go to air soon.

She essentially is also not afraid to get her hands dirty in the great outdoors, while making sure that she has a finger in every slice. In this manner, she has transitioned into very steady and satisfying work. By applying eight years of tertiary education to good use, Olga is equably able to boast strong concentration skills and an ability to be completely immersed in character and stay in themoment.

Olga has natural exuberance and a warm, open-minded personality with leadership traits that also strikes well in a team. She strikes the right sense of discipline, class, sportiness and humour in her work, valuing new experiences and lessons, which “iCCAM” has every confidence that will carry her afar. The summation of her dream vocation in acting is simple: ‘to live hundreds of different lives in different times and settings’.