Nikki Malvar HeadshotOnce upon a time, Sydney-based Nikki Malvar’s mother took her to the theatre to see “Miss Saigon”. That night, her ten-year-old bravado declared that she too would be on Broadway. More than a decade later, the passion has not waned, seeing her take on the stage with an ever-growing and delectable list of credits. Nikki is now a well-rounded musician, actor and live performer with an extensive history of vocal training in musical theatre, classical, jazz and contemporary as well as in film and TV. Teaching herself to play the guitar was tantamount to the birth of her songwriting spark.

In late 2013, Nikki's band Thyrsday released their debut single “Skin” through A&R Records, commencing their place in indie blues-grunge culture with a launch gig at Oxford Art Factory. She also records with an indie folkpop duo Tulane. Having lived in four countries - The Philippines, Thailand, USA and Australia, Nikki is no stranger to change. In fact, she thrives for a fairly nomadic lifestyle.

She has had a very close brush with reality TV fame, having been shortlisted with her father for the Filipino version of “The Amazing Race” and was also asked to audition for “The Bachelor Australia”. However, when this People’s Choice Award winner of Australia National Youth Week commands an audience of over 10K subscribers through vlogs, music clips and skits on her Youtube channel, it’s evident that she prefers her time in the spotlight to be more impactful, meaningful and long-lasting.

Nikki is a dynamic, professional, creative, family-orientated and irresistibly open-minded vocalist/songstress who is keen to expand her throaty, lustrous sound and entrepreneurial ability for the better. Please feel free to contact “iCCAM” for projects and assorted whims that more than suit her sensibilities with an equanimous, acquired sense of humour to boot.