Melissa BarbeBorn in Paris, Melissa Barbe was inspired by the economically intellectual and geopolitical sensibilities of the climate having obtained a Master’s Degree in Business/Commerce & International Affairs. Upon graduation, she worked as a communication assistant in social network management and press relations for Campagnes TV.

Since coming to Australia in 2014 however, Melissa struck passion gold with acting and modeling in Sydney. On a friend’s introduction, she gradually participated in a few photographic shoots, which she found very rewarding and emblematic of her burgeoning creativity in front of the camera.

On the other hand, Melissa’s experience in high-calibre hospitality (Hotel Edward Seven, Paris; Croquembouche Patisserire, Randwick and Fruiticilicous, Bondi respectively), taste for travel, adventure movies and novels has provided her with invaluable skills in the art of communication – an asset that feeds her on-set acting!