MatthewBarron HeadshotwebOriginally from Wagga Wagga, Matt Barron feels privileged to have trained with such a passionate and talented group of performers at the Federation University Arts Academy. He has been acting from an early age and fell in love with singing during his teenage years.

His highlights at the Arts Academy have included “Vincent – An A Capella Opera” (George Seurat), “The Pajama Game” (Ensemble), “The Addams Family” (WW1 Soldier), “Into the Woods” (The Steward) and his own self-devised cabaret “First Impressions”.

Matt has also performed his cabaret at the Melbourne Short+Sweet Festival 2016/2017 where he won the prize for Best Male Cabaret Performer. His experience in working with the Short+Sweet team as well as being directed by the respective hands of both Fiona Scott-Norman and Rainer Pollard has made him very keen to extend his cabaret and write more of his own works.

Matt has also recently performed with the Australian Army Band (Kapooka). His time at Federation University has given him a new perception of the theatrical world that he is keen to immerse himself in.