Lilliane IMDBProfileWebLilliane Moffat lives and breathes storytelling. She wrote and performed her first play at the age of 9 with several friends, a parody based off a late night talk show that she had never seen. Pandering to slapstick comedy, she knew it would get a laugh out of the first few rows of 6 year olds outside the hall at the school’s talent quest. Although they did not place in the competition, no one can confidently say that it was not a hit. At the age of 12, she hosted her own Internet radio show with a modest audience of anything between 20 and 100 listeners. She constantly played the same 4 free CDs that would come with the newspaper and chatted about life and gossiped on a social gaming website. At 14, she wrote a 70-page novella that should never see the light of day.

With a BA in Film and Television production and a collection of acting courses from TAFTA, Screenwise and Shopfront Contemporary Arts and Performance under her belt, you could say that she is a jack-of-all-trades when it comes to filmmaking. She feels she thrives best in dark, gritty type of indie material as well as being drawn to deep, brooding roles with strong, unorthodox feminist streaks.

As an actor, Lilliane has enjoyed time traveling into the past in late-60’s Kings Cross drama TV series “Love Child” on Nine Network as well as going forward into the future as Jamie in the award-winning short film The Bunker. The latter screened at the Sci-Fi Film Festival at the Riverside Theatre in Parramatta. She thrives when her characters are being pushed to their limits and so she feels privileged to be given a chance to have a job where she can journey through so many different worlds.