LaetitiaVinet byCatherineHourihan3 lowresLaetitia Vinet was born in the South of France in 1988, in Montpellier. Since her childhood she has moved around on a semi-permanent basis in French Guyana (3 years), Djibouti, Africa (2 years) and New Caledonia (9 months), in addition to Italy, UK, UAE, Brazil and Ethiopia. Now she has come to Sydney to conquer the entertainment industry and sink her teeth into acting, modeling and behind the scenes.

At six years old Laetitia began to learn acting by taking classes with various independent theatre companies across the French region in Aix-en-Provence, Marseille, Versailles and Montpellier. Art classes in Beaux-Arts in Versailles during High School. Doubtlessly independent and resourceful with overall ingénue-like qualities, she has shown clear initiative and fast orientation to any host culture, therefore gaining a foothold into the inner workings of the industry very intuitively.

Laetitita has eleven years of experience in French independent cinema production, theatre and television, owing much towards her diploma studies at Studio M School and a university in Montpellier. She also began life in the stars as production assistant working on a presentation film for French Airforce and a documentary “Fin De Concession” at the age of 22 years old. Since then, she has progressively and expertly graduated into production coordination and production management on short films such as “Ma Plus Belle Cravate”, “Day 0” and “Two Lines” between 2012 and 2014. She was assistant director on Cédric Mouilleron’s music video (2011) and even taught film theory and editing for Ecole Superieure des métiers de I’Image (ESMI) during that time.

But fortune favours the brave as well: she is one of the true starry-eyed artists that attract rewarding work wherever she goes, like a good-luck charm. With an impressive array of technical, creative and administrative skills in addition to cultural mindfulness, “iCCAM” believes that she is perfect for Australia’s melting pot.