Jimmy Gunawan2Born in Bandung, Indonesia Jimmy Gunawan is the oldest of 7 siblings and moved to Australia in 1982. He is also a 3rd generation Chinese who can speak multilingual languages (English, Mandarin and Indonesian). Despite completing an Advanced Diploma of Electrical Engineering (Computer Technology) at St. George’s TAFE, he harboured a never-say-die dream to be an actor and sought to prove his worth his weight in celluloid gold.

With an ear close to the ground, Jimmy managed to build up a long and fairly intimidatingly substantial resume in numerous local TV shows such as “Rake”, “Legally Brown”, “Underbelly: Razor”, “Packed to the Rafters” as well as feature films “Love in Space”, “Mad Max: Fury Road” and “The Wolverine”. He also made a living out of spruiking “Telstra”, “Qantas”, “Foster” and “Aussie Home Loan” brands to name a few.

Indeed, Jimmy has cut through cultural, international and genre divides, absorbing an invaluable amount of knowledge of sets, filmmaking ‘magic’ and of course the creative freedom to articulate his dream on a daily basis.  Most of all he enjoys meeting new people and is never one to give up in a challenge, all in the fun of living in an imaginary reality.

Jimmy has a knack for making you feel at ease as soon as he walks into a casting room with a personality that’s at once easygoing and friendly, persevering and resourceful.