JeanJudithXavierJean Judith Javier is a singer, musical theatre performer and a film actor, who is unstoppable in bringing her heart to her audience, while she draws courage from them. As a soprano, she sings for opera and musical theatre but never limits her capacity by performing pieces from world arts songs. As a film actor, her roles are unconventional that manifest her embodied inner strength and mystical persona.

Jean Judith learnt how to sing at an early age of 9 performing in the church and villages. Coming from humble beginnings, she captured the skill of fine singing from her mother and her sensitivity for the arts was nurtured by being deeply connected to the expressive musical cultures of the Philippines, her motherland.

Her tenacity to work as a full-time actor and the faith that she puts into her craft has given Jean Judith opportunities to perform in major cities and provinces in not only the Philippines but also South and East Asian countries like Indonesia, Macau, Hong Kong, Taiwan and various cities in China. She assumed self-titled roles from many original musicales that had impacted the history of Filipino contemporary theatre.

In opera, Jean played Sisa for “Noli Me Tangere: The Opera”, which was a difficult role. In spite of that, her portrayal of an iconic Filipino fictional character and deranged woman prompted standing ovations and critical acclaim. Furthermore, she offered impassioned command of the stage with her depiction of Gulnara for “Orosman at Zafira” where she earned admiration from theatre aficionados and audience alike.

In short Jean Judith's sheer talent has allowed her to work in almost all major theatre companies gaining admiration from her native and most respected and outstanding theatre directors abroad. This woman of inspiration, integrity and excellence with the uncompromising spirit of an artist’s can only hope to bring her vocal prowess and acting craft as an oblation for the world's cultural and social transformation.