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interculture Casting & Management
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interculture Casting & Management
theatre | musical theatre | film | television
interculture Casting & Management
theatre | musical theatre | film | television

Diversity, Authenticity, Visibility

Breaking Down Cultural and Other Barriers



To promote the interests of and expand employment opportunities for all skilled artists of non Anglo heritage, LGBTIQ artists and those living with disability.

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We help artists to open the right doors, knock down roadblocks and recognition - and bridge the gap between diversity, authenticity and visibility.

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We offer a full representation, management and job service across the full spectrum of entertainment and martial arts, Theatre, TV, Cultural events and Corporate work.

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Early-career, established, technically brilliant, specialist, extraordinaire, original, powerhouse, dynamic, handsome, exotic, surprising, sharp ...

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Welcome to interCulture casting & management (iCCAM), Australia's only boutique agency representing exclusively artists from a non-Anglo heritage, LGBTIQ artists and those living with disability. It also has a Musical Theatre division.

iCCAM's vision is to generate and develop transparent opportunities for actors, singers, presenters, Indigenous Australians, gender diverse artists, dancers and dance groups, circus performers, choreographers, fight directors and other allied skilled artists across the media disciplines.

Creative Directors Michael Turkic & William Le have altogether over 30 years' experience in the entertainment industry. With integrity, respect and consideration for cultural differences, issues of access, equality and opportunity they bring both clout and panache to the ever-growing iCCAM brand. They bring the sum of their experiences to their clients and help artists to open the right doors, knock down roadblocks to success and recognition - and finally, bridge the gap between diversity, authenticity and visibility.

We feel that we are on the tipping point of change, and we want you to be a part of it. Make this change inevitable. Share our frustrations, ideals and hopes. Stand tall above the giants’ shoulders. And mot of all, create all that you can be.

Recent Success by our Artists

EZEL DORUK is the new face of the design department for Swinburne University. According to Campaign Brief "The 'Let's Do This' campaign... illustrate[s] Swinburne Online's student-centric learning model, which is underpinned by innovative support systems. In other words it's an "inclusive campaign designed to motivate students" and providing them '... with a clear alternative to campus based tertiary education... [such as] a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate degree programs in business, communication, design, education and social sciences."
Diana Lin
Diana Lin Little Emperors
From the acclaimed cross-cultural creative team of Malthouse Theatre comes a new play about the aftermath of the One Child Policy closure. In the context of the Cultural Revolution, we come to understand the underground generation of children who were born for - and against - this policy. DIANA LIN is the mother who has made this momentous decision to raise a child in secret, despite political circumstances - and yet all because of love. LITTLE EMPERORS will premiere on 9th - 26th February 2017.
Firdaws Adelpour
Firdaws Adelpour Allianz - Be Inspired
FIRDAWS ADELPOUR is definitely becoming a man about town - and country -h at least in the TVC world. He lends his familiar presence, this time as a father on a road trip with his family and camping in Southern Highlands, all the while reassured that in the event anything bad will happen to his wheels, he'll be covered by insurance! Talk about pure thrilling freedom on the winding, tree-dappled roads!
Jenny Wu
Jenny Wu Australia Day
"... About an Australian farmer, a Chinese illegal immigrant, a Persian family and an Indigenous girl", this promisingly definitive portrayal of upcoming feature drama AUSTRALIA DAY shows both sides of the border fence - those who are native and those who are not. This telemovie boasts a sprawling, cultural clash of a cast with some household names like Bryan Brown, Matthew Le Nevez and of course newcomers like our very own JENNY WU in a major role. Coming to Foxtel and shot on location in Brisbane, this Kriv Stenders vehicle is one to mark the occasion for. DIANA LIN also makes an appearance as Madam, working opposite Bryan Brown!
LUCCA Bonnor makes a cameo as a boy partaking of what looks like to be the best Xmas party in the neighbourhood. He was originally supposed to be terrorising kids with a prawn but instead can be spotted following Santa in a wheelchair scooter! Ho ho, now that's something to feast on!
In entertainment, it is a universal truth that operas are tinged with unspeakable tragedy, animalistic love and irrevocable betrayal - and this double billing of CAVALLERIA RUSTICANA / PAGLIACCI is no different. South Italian-born CRISTINA SICILIANO was over the moon when she landed the role of a lifetime - to work alongside Italian greats in the role of Nedda Double. If one wears one's heart on the sleeve, then opera allows its characters to reflect the best - and worst of human nature on a base level. The Opera Australia production debuts on 12th January - 4th February at Sydney Opera House, before continuing on in Melbourne for the month of May, 2017.
In September 2016, PREMA SMITH was proud to contribute to an award-winning Spring Lamb campaign launch positioning lamb as the non-discriminatory and all-inclusive meat. In other words, Campaign Brief notes "... the central role [that] lamb plays in celebrating the face of modern Australia and bringing everyone together, no matter their race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, age or ability." Forward-thinking advertising professionals lament the discrepancy between the "true face of Australia" and what's on our screens, so they wanted to prove that lamb could be the "ultimate cross-cultural protein." It looks like it's working!
Kate Hood
Kate Hood Neighbours
KATE HOOD (who recently found herself in a wheelchair following a genetic condition that saw her body muscles slowly deteriorating) has nabbed a pivotal guest role on NEIGHBOURS in a storyline that is a case of art-imitating-real-life! Soon after we signed her on, she was thrilled to come back to the acting fold and is overdue recognition in this industry! Her scenes went to air in early November 2016.
Nicholas Foustellis & Akram Joseph
Nicholas Foustellis & Akram Joseph Here Comes the Habibs 2
Who would have thought that in spite of racial stereotypes, a simple fish-out-of-water series about a Middle Eastern family moving to the swanky Eastern Suburbs after winning the lottery would go on to become a feel-good smash hit? HERE COMES THE HABIBS was probably a surprise of 2016; now it is set to return in 2017 for more mayhem and hijacks. In small roles by both NICHOLAS FOUSTELLIS & AKRAM JOSEPH as friends of the family respectively, you just know that Season 2 will deliver cross-cultural hysterics! In the meantime, click on the link to catch up on Season 1.
Rebecca Nash, Sudip Sauden & Moreblessing Maturure
Rebecca Nash, Sudip Sauden & Moreblessing Maturure Alien: Covenant
In space, no one can hear you scream... That is, if you're a fangirl who has the opportunity of a lifetime to work closely with Hollywood legend Ridley Scott! That was certainly the case for REBECCA NASH, who got to play a stand-in for a cast member as well as watching how the iconic aliens 'come to life'. Along with MOREBLESSING MATURURE & SUDIP SAUDEN who lent his presence to the backdrop, they are eager to see how the second prequel will both intrigue and scare audiences alike in 2017!
The serpentine mystery deepens long after a pregnant 12-year-old Kiwi female disappears wading into a freezing lake. Created by Jane Campion, it continues in the proverbially seedy brothels of Sydney and sunshine-friendly beaches of Bondi starring not only JACK GODDEN as a pimp but also JENNY WU as Kiki and CAROLE SHARKEY-WATERS as shopkeeper in key roles alongside main cast David Wenham and Elisabeth Moss. Furthermore, PREMA SMITH, SETT NAGHONI, SIDIQUE SWARAY, PIPHALLARI CHAMPI, KELLY HUYNH & CHRISTOPHER NEHME pad out the background roles.
When it comes to achieving your goals, it’s the days that really count. The days are where dreams are born, decisions are made and journeys begin. The strides we take over the years grow from the small steps we take today. So whatever your goal, take the first step and make today count. With a poolside splash and a BBQ tuck-in, OLGA OLSHANSKY in a blink-and-miss but fun cameo and her TV family has definitely made today count!
Xavier Fernandez & Abbey Aziz
Xavier Fernandez & Abbey Aziz IGA - Movie Rewards
What do you get when you merge the supermarket and movie experience together? A trip to the movies with a shopping trolley - all thanks to the discount initiative Movie Rewards where you get to treat a friend for free, if you spend $30 or more in-store. XAVIER FERNANDEZ and ABBEY AZIZ enthusiastically join the queue!
Eliane Morel
Eliane Morel Deadly Women 10
Although ELIANE MOREL is a total sweetheart, for this crime drama series DEADLY WOMEN stint (Beyond Productions), she got to refine the art of seduction - and murder - in the lead role of Carmen Montenegro. She never had a bigger blast than villainously playing against type! Other iCCAM artists ALISON LEE RUBIE, MELANIE ARAYA, ALICIA GONZALEZ, KELLY HUYNH, JENNIFER LU, CLELIA NIYIKIZA, LISA CAMILLE, MELISSA BARBE and CARMA SHARON have followed suit, as well as male lead/supporting roles DIEGO AR MELO, NICHOLAS FOUSTELLIS, PREMA SMITH, JIMMY GUNAWAN, MONROE REIMERS and PAULO VALENTIM. The 10th season airs on American's network channel Investigation Discovery.
Yoji Tatsuta & Nobuaki Shimamoto
Yoji Tatsuta & Nobuaki Shimamoto Top Knot Detective
Get ready to sharpen your swords for the upcoming samurai/detective SBS mockumentary-style series TOP DETECTIVE, which was a 90's remake. YOJI TATSUTA's role as a TV Host, who flew to Perth to film his scenes, as well as NOBUAKI SHIMAMOTO playing the role of Detective Oshiro, now get to be a part of this inevitably iconic revamp for a new generation!
Stephanie Adams
Stephanie Adams Cyberia & Wired
Starting on 23rd January 2017 until towards end of September, STEPHANIE ADAMS embarks on the next adventure of her lifetime with Brainstorm Productions - touring around Australia visiting high schools to promote the consequences of bullying in all forms in CYBERIA as well as mental health issues such as stress and depression in WIRED. Being on the road for nearly a year as part of theatre-in-education, she is excited to inform, influence and bring a different, interactive perspective to relevant issues and social responsibility facing youth of today.
Jonathan Hickey
Jonathan Hickey The Light in the Piazza
According to Herald Sun, JONATHAN HICKEY... "has a joyful boyishness as Maurizio, and his bright tenor is sensitive and expressive singing his impassioned solo, 'Il Mondo Era Vuoto' (The world was empty), and his romantic duet with 'Kingsford Say It Somehow', is a glorious ending to Act One." Reviewer Simon Parris sings similar praise: [he] "... soars as eager student Fabrizio, who epitomises the expression of falling head over heels in love. In a masterstroke of authenticity... [there is] no need for subtitles [when] Hickey deftly conveys all the meaning and passion in the song."
Moreblessing Maturure
Moreblessing Maturure Fallen
"In April, SFJ (Sport for Jove) is excited to be co-producing with the incredible Melbourne based She Said Theatre, on a new Australian work inspired by the history of Urania Cottage, a home for 'fallen' women founded by Charles Dickens. Set in London 1848, six women have been given a second chance. Their pasts behind them, they have been promised a clean slate on the other side of the world, in the new colonies of Australia." MOREBLESSING MATURURE is thrilled to have been a key contributor during creative development of FALLEN and now the impending 2017 production season!
Based on Elliot Perlman's 1930 influential literal work, SEVEN TYPES OF AMBIGUITY is a psychological mystery that is also a social critique. A story of 'obsessive love in an age of obsessive materialism', RIK STOWMAN makes his debut as an imposing guard in a couple of pivotal scenes. Hugo Weaving, Alex Dimitriades and Xavier Samuel round out this boastful cast.
Saara Lamberg
Saara Lamberg Innuendo
A mysterious young woman attempts to rebuild her life as an art model in rural Victoria, but learns that she cannot escape the demons of her past. SAARA LAMBERG headlines and directs this psychological feature thriller INNUENDO, with a Bronze award-winning screenplay in a Beverly Hills Screenplay contest. Starring alongside another iCCAM artist EZEL DORUK, this award-nominated Lamberg Productions film has been making festival rounds in 2016/2017.
Jack Ngu
Jack Ngu Hacksaw Ridge
In the belief that war only makes widows of soldiers, American army medic Desmond Doss [Andrew Garfield] who, in Okinawa during the bloodiest battle of WWII, saved 75 men without firing or carrying a gun. He later became the first conscientious objector awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor. JACK NGU was part of the Japanese enemy lines and though fought valiantly, died an 'early death'. NOBUAKI SHIMAMOTO, YOJI TATSUTA (whose characters got upgraded to a speaking part), HENRY VO, SIMON TSE & CHRISTOPHER QUYEN round out the offensive. Mel Gibson's film has taken out Critics' Choices Awards gongs and has been nominated for a further three Golden Globes nods. Well done to all involved!
As production is underway for the movie sequel to the kids' ABC series, DANCE ACADEMY: THE COMEBACK follows the life of heroine and top ballerina Tara Webster as she navigates through injury, glamour and dream-rebuilding. Set in NYC and filming around Sydney landmarks such as Capitol Theatre and the Opera House, REKA GEVALDI is among the audience for a ballet festival, alongside JUNKO HIRABAYASHI, ELIANE MOREL, PHILIP JOHN, SIDIQUE SWARAY, CLELIA NIYIKIZA and MOREBLESSING MATURURE - to date. Even iCCAM Co-creative Director WILLIAM LE lent his hand as an extra!
Randall Berger
Randall Berger Honda Civic
In a concerted effort to roll out the new 2017 model of Honda Civic with all the neat bells and whistles (Adaptive Cruise Control, Voice Control, SatNav & LaneWatch to name a few), RANDALL BERGER redefines distaste as a dog show judge who doesn't think flatteringly high of a shih tzu with a somewhat unorthodox hairstyle. Talk about old man grumpiness clad in tweed! Randall features in three of the six TVCs released, spotlighting a different aspect of Honda Civic's specs.
Joanne Liang
Joanne Liang Choosi Insurance
"Don't leave it to chance, leave it to Choosi." Too right - for peace of mind when it comes to your pet, funeral, life and income, you're in the lab-coat chooser JOANNE LIANG's safe hands! She actually features in four distinct ads titled 'Funeral Wheel', 'Income Grab', 'Life Clown' and 'Pet Bobble-Heads' respectively as well as on the Choosi website.
Luke Hodgson
Luke Hodgson RENT
"Queer culture came smashing onto the main stage with the Pulitzer Prize winning rock musical RENT, music & lyrics by Jonathan Larson, a visceral story of young artists in New York’s East Village whose dreams and heartbreak intertwine, painting a raw portrait of bohemians living in the shadow of HIV/AIDS." LUKE HODGSON, who deferred from his performing career to focus on his Bachelor of Teaching degree, has returned with a tour de force vengeance. He is thrilled to dust off his vocals as Tom Collins in a story that touches on both burgeoning sexuality and personal ambition in equal searing measure. Due to demand, the run has been extended another week from 1st-11th February 2017. Don't miss it if you happen to be in Brisbane!