GiovanniPiccolo312A4692 Web.1Hailing from the fashion capital of Milan, Italy, Giovanni Piccolo is a ‘triple threat’ actor, model and dancer. He can read from a telephone directory with golden, electric vocal conviction and can put John Travolta’s dance card to shame. Equally blessed with a combination of rugged, brooding yet boyish and manicured looks, he approaches his craft with affability, charm and compassion.

Having strutted his stuff in professional theatre across Melbourne and country Victoria, Giovanni feels as strongly about ‘doing it for a good cause’, mental health issues and social commentary. Career highlights have included dancing for cancer as part of Melbourne Fringe Festival; “Harkins” (2014), a contemporary dance theatre peace based on the Shoebridge massacre; “37 Ways to Say I’m Gay” (2012), chronicling 37 stories about the fears and hopes of coming out, all told with humour, drama and heart; countercultural patriotism and racial tensions in “UnAustralia” (2010) based on the Cronulla riots, and more.

Giovanni also hopes to put himself on the radar on screen and expand his portfolio, He has been featured in several TV commercials on national television, and also made the short film rounds including “Game Changer” (2013); “The Locker Room” (2013); “Funemployed” (2012) as well as a black comedy web series “Tiger and Dog” (2013) about crime and the downfalls of mafia life