George El HindiHSGeorge El Hindi is best known for his hilarious turn as a gay husband in a forced marriage with a lesbian in the phenomenally successful web series “I Luv U But”. This two-season run was nominated for a Beirut’s Social Media Award in Lebanon (which can be viewed here:, had a social media blitz and received unprecedented hits across the Middle East and Asia among the LGBTIQ community.

George has a personable, handsome and open presence whose affinity with the camera suggests self-assurance and an unexpected sense of comic timing contrasting with his ‘straight man’ persona. Other than his impressive skills in martial arts, circus, sports and activities, his ability to mimic any accent also gives him scope and creativity to perform dramatic material and/or physical comedy on stage and on screen.

Well spoken, a good communicator and eager to learn, George is a well-rounded artist who has a tendency to make audacious, risky decisions that usually pay off, and an attitude for reinvention and return to form.