DianaLinA prolific Chinese pop and Beijing Opera singer, Diana (Xiaojie) Lin had grown up in a very strict family in the 60’s. However due to her pretty face and nice voice, her parents took her to singing lessons. Naturally, being also a very talented actress, she began her acting career when she was 14 years old, and underwent 5 years of intensive training in Beijing Opera with Harbin Peking Opera Company from 1975.

By mid-1980’s, after 4 years of professional studies she graduated from one of the top drama institutions Shanghai Theatre Academy in the country with a Bachelor degree, which also included Traditional Chinese and Western Dancing. She headlined many movies, television series, plays and of course Chinese opera in which she played numerous famous characters.  Her first lead in the feature film “Ren Sheng Mei You Dan Xing Dao” (1985) essentially kicked off her career.

Diana was honoured to receive a Best Actress nomination at both China Golden Rooster Awards and AFI Awards (1993) for her excellent performance as Xiang Min, and was winner of a Sydney Chinese Community karaoke competition.

In early 1990s, Diana migrated to Australia and has reinvented herself for a Western market in a similar fashion. Most recently she worked with director Jonathan Brough on the comedy miniseries “The Family Law” based on celebrity columnist and author Benjamin Law’s Chinese-Malaysian childhood. Even through the move she has not lost her sensibilities; she continues to sporadically return to her homeland to work on local productions such as “I Am a Hero” and “Ji Gong Zhuan” respectively.