AudreyParseghianHS2015 1Audrey Parseghian (also affectionately referred to ‘Kiya’) is an expert French model, dancer, actor, acrobat and choreographer now residing in Australia. Hailing from the outer commune of Courbevoie in Paris she has appeared to national acclaim in several dance formats, competing in “You Can Dance”, “Star Academy”, “U Dance 2” on French TV or for ‘Team Kickass’ in “La France à un Incroyable Talent” (France Has Incredible Talent). Often as an individual finalist or in a finalist group, she consistently found herself within the Top 12 in all instances despite very stiff competition, while winning in “Section Show Time” and “Heavy Montreal” (a heavy metal and hard rock festival in Quebec).

She has also appeared in Stephanie Assimacopoulo’s “Le Train Bleu” a short about romance, regret, hope and the fantastical mysteries of human consciousness. She has opened for stage shows “Xtreme Gravity” at Haute Tensions Festival, “Le Raffut”, World Series Powermoves (WPS) and “Juste Debout” (meaning ‘Just Upright’), all international contests eclectically focusing on street dance styles such as hip-hop new style, house, locking, popping and circus.

In addition, Audrey has worked with French songwriter and singer Matt Pokora (or M. Pokora) and American rapper Soulja Boy for Universal Music Group. She has taught hip-hop and choreography for children (5-11), teenagers (12-17) and adults respectively.

Specialising at top of the field in ballet, urban, tricking, jazz, breakdance, samba, capoeira, kizombaand hip-hop from such a young age, Audrey had successfully cracked the European market from her homeland, having already gathered a loyal and impassioned following for her efforts. She is recognised for her extraordinarily broad, swirling, spontaneous and valiant opus.

Now she has Australia in her sights, ready for another exciting and hot but no less insurmountable challenge.