Anna KourouvaleAnna Kourouvale has worked extensively with Australian playwrights in developing their new works, regularly morphing into various characters whilst workshopping their plays. Her last role was in Debra Oswald’s (“Offpsring”) fame) “The Peach Season” in 2013. Other roles include Miss Scarlett in “Clue the Musical”; the Evil Queen in “Snow White”; devouring meat pies as Shane Miller, the school bully and providing ‘encouraging’ swimming lessons with her floaties on as Theo’s Mum in “Small Poppies”.

Anna relishes in being ‘inhabited’ for months by various characters such as Elizabeth Proctor from “The Crucible”, Katharina from “The Taming of the Shrew” and Linda Loman from “Death of a Salesman”. Her most treasured ‘visitor’ was Annabelle from “Pass the Butler” written by Monty Python’s Eric Idle with Sutherland Theatre Company.

Anna was delighted to be part of the ensemble cast of “Godspell” (2015), believing it to be truly a wonderful experience to share the stage with such extraordinarily talented and giving artists. The music is breathtaking and Godspell returns us to our child-like state: creating simple storytelling expressed with the purity of an innocent heart where compassion and empathy are rich human emotions that brightly shines the light of Godspell and of acting in general.

A sensitive and just person who perceives many subtleties that others miss, Anna is one of the few thespians who has taught herself on the job and has built herself up to be a battery house of enormous, glue-like energy and revitalisation. Her material tends to range from the historical and mysterious, religious fervour to the mystical and fairytale timelessness. Needless to say, her efforts have not gone unnoticed if reviews are to be believed.