AnnaBaranowksa HeadShot1Anna Baranowksa's life has taken her from Europe and Africa to Australia and beyond, providing a wealth of experience, excitement and opportunity.

Anna’s childhood in Poland was filled with dance and music—performing was a natural progression. She left Poland at 19 and spent several years in Germany and England before moving to Australia. She thereby completed an Advanced Diploma in Acting (Stage and Screen) and became a permanent resident.   

Her TV credits to date have included work in Poland, Africa and Germany. In 2016, she worked on the international hit NBC’s TV series “Cape Town” in South Africa. She speaks Polish, German, English and Spanish. As a TV presenter with engaging people skills, Anna has hosted over 600 live shows for Polish Television.

Anna is an accomplished dancer specialising in West Coast Swing. She is interested in literature, art, music and language.

Having returned from Europe, she is always looking for new challenges and interesting projects.

Showreel 2017 Anna Baranowska from Anna Baranowska on Vimeo.