AmandaYeoA self-confessed aficionado for comic books and superhero fantasy, Amanda Yeo has funneled some of their storytelling elements into her writing and performing, or rather in performance writing. Her degree in Bachelor of Arts in Communication has given her extra foundation. Not only is she an established playwright, published author and a professionally commissioned artist in her own right she is also a talented self-devisor and director for her own works, most notably for ABC Radio, ATYP, Sydney Writer’s Festival and SWEATSHOP (Western Sydney Literacy Movement) respectively.

As an award-winning and philanthropic public speaker, panelist and debater, Amanda is concerned with issues that all artists and those with disability face, such as identity, arts practice, audience development, accessibility and equality. She regularly gives talks at various seminars touching on those roadblocks.

While the notion of a female geek is somewhat of a rare breed among the cult community, there’s no question that Amanda’s well-read engagement with pop culture and fiction has emboldened a likeable, sweet and enthusiastic personality with a responsible and thorough sense of career direction. She hopes to expand her experiences of the performance space into acting in TV and film.