Akram Joseph Head Shot 2013Born and raised in the gritty suburbs of Western Sydney, Akram Joseph knows the layout of Bankstown like the back of his own hand. He also has a sweet tooth for adrenaline-fueled action films, stage combat and stunts – and why wouldn’t he, when he currently holds down his day job at Sweet City Café in Bankstown?

Having been trained at Vulcan’s Pro Wrestling School, Akram is a local professional wrestler for PWA (Professional Wrestling Australia), as well as an award-winning boxer and a taekwondo fighter (won 2009 open division). He hopes to translate these tough skills into large-scale film.

With smoldering, heartthrob, ‘other’ looks that wouldn’t be out of place on the set of “Home & Away”, Akram is an easy-going, daring, motivated and in-the-know artist who is ready to bloom, bursting with expression for his lifelong ambitions in the world of acting. When StarCentral magazine calls Akram as one of most promising actors to debut on the scene, it’s not hard to see why.

Don’t let his boyish conduct fool you, for Akram has a softer, level headed and melodic side. He was a Metro Screen panelist member on current affairs and anti-racial sentiment, an improvisational artist, as well as a songwriter who can play darbuka (a traditional Egyptian hour-glass drum).

His 2013 highlights include being a detective in “Bingo Unit” an interactive multimedia police drama performance; SBS’s “Once Upon a Time in Punchbowl” spinoff miniseries. In 2012, he made Kris Macourt’s “Between a Stock & a Heart Place” about homelessness; “Convict” in a Parramatta prison setting, and Maria Tran’s plucky action comedy duo film “Hit Girls” starring girl power.

Put your faith in me,’ Akram declares.