Our Vision

To promote the interests of--and expand the employment opportunities for all allied skilled artists of non Anglo heritage, LGBTIQ artists and those living with disability."


The idea for "iCCAM" sprang from the realisation that the mainstream media in Australia is not representative of the greater cultural make-up of the nation. With the limited exceptions of cultural specific broadcasting through the publicly funded broadcasters ABC & SBS, neither theatre nor commercial film and TV could provide for an acknowledgement of--or worse--the existence of, a multi-racial nation, and/or artists with disability.

The term 'culture' is a very broad concept encompassing the lifestyle, language, traditions, knowledge, skills, beliefs, rules of behaviour, norms and values shared by a group of people. Among members of any cultural group, they use this term to refer to a conceptual framework of a community, defining culture as a continually negotiable process in which aforementioned features are passed on from generation to generation.

This makes their framework plainly visible, social and world-building, underpins one's sense of belonging, and giving rise to member identity. They also have to 'migrate' to other cultures and places, finding their own home away from home. Other than identity, socialisation, adaptation and belonging, It also contributes to the artistic expression of members of that group.

In other words, this is known as multiculturalism which is ideally reflected in our diverse, or multicultural, casting.

iCCAM's mission is to position our clients on a local and international level; to recognise that their individual and several skills are the equal of, or indeed exceed those of their Anglo peers. We strive to see our artists stand shoulder to shoulder with other skilled artists, giving them the best opportunities to do what they do best and in doing so, reflect the true nature of our society. As Shakespeare said: we must '... hold a mirror up to nature...'

In short, we proudly celebrate cultural diversity, turn inauthentic ideas into the authentic and make invisible faces visible...