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interculture Casting & Management
theatre | musical theatre | film | television
interculture Casting & Management
theatre | musical theatre | film | television
interculture Casting & Management
theatre | musical theatre | film | television

Diversity, Authenticity, Visibility

Breaking Down Cultural and Other Barriers



To promote the interests of and expand employment opportunities for all skilled artists of non Anglo heritage, LGBTIQ artists and those living with disability.

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We help artists to open the right doors, knock down roadblocks and recognition - and bridge the gap between diversity, authenticity and visibility.

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We offer a full representation, management and job service across the full spectrum of entertainment and martial arts, Theatre, TV, Cultural events and Corporate work.

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Early-career, established, technically brilliant, specialist, extraordinaire, original, powerhouse, dynamic, handsome, exotic, surprising, sharp ...

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Welcome to interCulture casting & management (iCCAM), Australia's only boutique agency representing exclusively artists from a non-Anglo heritage, LGBTIQ artists and those living with disability. It also has a Musical Theatre division.

iCCAM's vision is to generate and develop transparent opportunities for actors, singers, presenters, Indigenous Australians, gender diverse artists, dancers and dance groups, circus performers, choreographers, fight directors and other allied skilled artists across the media disciplines.

Creative Directors Michael Turkic & William Le have altogether over 30 years' experience in the entertainment industry. With integrity, respect and consideration for cultural differences, issues of access, equality and opportunity they bring both clout and panache to the ever-growing iCCAM brand. They bring the sum of their experiences to their clients and help artists to open the right doors, knock down roadblocks to success and recognition - and finally, bridge the gap between diversity, authenticity and visibility.

We feel that we are on the tipping point of change, and we want you to be a part of it. Make this change inevitable. Share our frustrations, ideals and hopes. Stand tall above the giants’ shoulders. And mot of all, create all that you can be.

Recent Success by our Artists

Christopher Nehme
Christopher Nehme Simon Boccanegra
CHRISTOPHER NEHME is thrilled to join hallowed company of opera greats in this upcoming political thriller about the search for family, intrigue, power, shifting alliances and betrayal in SIMON BOCCANEGRA. A last minute addition to an European cast and premiering at Sydney Opera House (July 26 to Aug 13), it surely will be an experience of a lifetime!
MOREBLESSING MATURURE is indeed blessed - not only she has endeared herself children and young adults' Mongrel Mouth productions of THE BEE AND THE TREE and LIKE ME as well as ATYP'S ALL GOOD THINGS and Playwriting Australia's FALLEN, she has done it again in doing youth-oriented work for ACYP (Advocate for Children and Young People) and Maitree House in back-to-back content videos of COUNT ME IN and SEEN AND HEARD in 2016. She is a champion of young people's rights and issues, having begun with their health education in 2014. Well done!
Red Concepcion & Shiela Valderrama
Red Concepcion & Shiela Valderrama Godspell
GODSPELL, 'which tells the story of Jesus in a whimsical, sweet rock musical... puts forth our message of peace and hope'. It also happens to star RED CONCEPCION & SHIELA VALDERRAMA as devoted disciples of Son of God. The MusicArtes' run is June 17-26 in Manila, Philippines.
Emma J Hawkins
Emma J Hawkins Big Bad Wolf
The Brothers Grimm story of the Red Riding Hood encountering - and outwitting a BIG BAD WOLF who has attacked her grandma has been updated for modern audiences, having delighted young Australian kids since 2013. Now talent extraordinaire EMMA J. HAWKINS gets to don the infamous cloak all over again, this time across America before returning to Perth, WA later on this year.
RAOUL CRAEMER The Pigman's Lament
Directed by Paul Castro. Presented by The Street Theatre, Canberra. 24 June – 3 July, 2016. World Premiere. THE PIGMAN'S LAMENT is an intense, surreal monologue. RAOUL CRAEMER spent part of his childhood in India with an Indian mother, but his father was German, and his grandfather a Nazi who died on the Russian front. The piece focusses on the grandfather as a secret, almost shameful part of Craemer’s own history... Anyone who enjoys experimental theatre will appreciate the cleverness of this visually stunning piece. (STAGE WHISPERS review)
Jenny Wu
Jenny Wu Secret City
JENNY WU features prominently in the pilot episode in Foxtel's political thriller SECRET CITY and basically has become key to the narrative. She is Mae Lin, the girlfriend of a conspiracy theorist who mysteriously was found dead on the Canberra shore of Lake Burley Griffin. 'Amidst rising tension between China and America, Canberra press gallery journalist Harriet Dunkley (played by Anna Torv) forces her way closer to the truth, uncovering a secret city of interlocked conspiracies which will threaten her career, her life and endangers the freedom of every Australian.'
Matt Scaletti
Matt Scaletti Alien: Covenant
MATT SCALETTI was over the moon - literally - when he learnt that he was going to work alongside legends Ridley Scott and Michael Fassbender in the new sci-fi horror sequel, ALIEN: COVENANT. REBECCA NASH and MOREBLESSING MATURURE joined the production as Body Double and in a Featured role respectively. Shooting primarily in Fox Studios, the film is set to come out in 2017.
Eliane Morel
Eliane Morel Deadly Women
Although ELIANE MOREL is a total sweetheart, for this stint with crime drama series DEADLY WOMEN (Beyond Productions), she got to refine the art of seduction - and murder - in the lead role of Carmen Montenegro. She never had a bigger blast than villainously playing against type! Naturally, other artists like ALISON LEE RUBIE, MELANIE ARAYA, ALICIA GONZALEZ, KELLY HUYNH, JENNIFER LU, CLELIA NIYIKIZA, LISA CAMILLE, MELISSA BARBE and CARMA SHARON have followed suit, as well as male lead/supporting roles DIEGO AR MELO, MANUEL CAPUTO, NICHOLAS FOUSTELLIS, PREMA SMITH, JIMMY GUNAWAN, MONROE REIMERS and PAULO VALENTIM. It airs on American's network channel Investigation Discovery.
Yoji Tatsuta & Nobuaki Shimamoto
Yoji Tatsuta & Nobuaki Shimamoto Top Knot Detective
Get ready to sharpen your swords for the upcoming samurai/detective SBS mockumentary-style series TOP DETECTIVE, which was a 90's remake. YOJI TATSUTA's role as a TV Host, who flew to Perth to film his scenes, as well as NOBUAKI SHIMAMOTO playing the role of Detective Oshiro, now get to be a part of this inevitably iconic revamp for a new generation!
Erinn Arnel
Erinn Arnel We Will Rock You
Last year, ERINN ARNEL got her hands - and hip - 'dirty' in DIRTY DANCING. In 2016, she gets to 'rock' the stage in WE WILL ROCK YOU, about a group of initially disenfranchised young people who begin fighting to reclaim live music that's been banned from earth. Created by Queen and Ben Elton, Erinn is in assured company among performing legends Gareth Keegan and Casey Donovan!
NIDA veteran MONROE REIMERS has joined the cast of A COUNTING & CRACKING OF HEADS, a Curiousworks play 'following the uprooting and resettling of a family over four generations from Sri Lanka to Australia'. It will premiere at Belvoir Theatre in 2017.
Lauren Jimmieson
Lauren Jimmieson Singin' in the Rain
They say that the sun puts a smile on your face, but the rain will certainly make you dance! That's never more true for LAUREN JIMMIESON, who was thrilled to grab an opportunity of a lifetime on a large-scale musical theatre production SINGIN' IN THE RAIN, working alongside storied veteran Adam Garcia and director Jonathan Church. This beloved classic kicks off the Melbourne season from May.
Natasha Veselinovic
Natasha Veselinovic Les Misérables
Our illustrious NATASHA VESELINOVIC is thrilled to join the talented cast for the highly-anticipated International Tour of LES MISÉRABLES! Directed by Cameron Mackintosh, the Manila & Singapore seasons of Boublil & Schönberg's iconic musical will commence from March 2016.
The serpentine mystery deepens long after a pregnant 12-year-old Kiwi female disappears wading into a freezing lake. Created by Jane Campion, it continues in the proverbially seedy brothels of Sydney and sunshine-friendly beaches of Bondi starring not only JACK GODDEN as a pimp but also JENNY WU as Kiki and CAROLE SHARKEY-WATERS as shopkeeper in key roles alongside main cast David Wenham and Elisabeth Moss. Furthermore, PREMA SMITH, SETT NAGHONI, MATT SCALETTI, SIDIQUE SWARAY, PIPHALLARI CHAMPI, KELLY HUYNH & CHRISTOPHER NEHME pad out the background roles.
Saara Lamberg
Saara Lamberg Innuendo
A mysterious young woman attempts to rebuild her life as an art model in rural Victoria, but learns that she cannot escape the demons of her past. SAARA LAMBERG headlines and directs this psychological feature thriller INNUENDO, with a Bronze award-winning screenplay in a Beverly Hills Screenplay contest. Starring alongside another iCCAM artist EZEL DORUK, this Lamberg Productions film is expected to air later on in 2016.
Peter Rugg has lived a life filled with entitlement, fabulousness, and most importantly, Grindr. However, it turns out that homosexuality wasn’t decriminalised until after his birth. Awkies. So he began to wonder, was being illegal worse than being rejected for your copious body hair on Grindr? What is it like to grow up gay today, where our biggest fear is anonymous rejection? Join Peter in his Melbourne cabaret debut, filled with stories of men, music, and the highs and lows in the life of a 21st century brat. It premieres at The Butterfly Club in Melbourne CBD, from Weds 20 to Sun 24 July.
EINSTEIN: MASTER OF THE UNIVERSE is a groundbreaking new Australian musical written by up-and-coming composer Jess Newman. It portrays the tumultuous life of iconic physicist, Albert Einstein, and his struggle to balance the pursuit of his theories with his family. As Elsa, STEPHANIE ADAMS join a stellar cast that can only described as a work of genius! This musical debuts at Theatre Works, St Kilda.
Based on Elliot Perlman's 1930 influential literal work, SEVEN TYPES OF AMBIGUITY is a psychological mystery that is also a social critique. A story of 'obsessive love in an age of obsessive materialism', RIK STOWMAN makes his debut as an imposing guard in a couple of pivotal scenes. Hugo Weaving, Alex Dimitriades and Xavier Samuel round out this boastful cast.
Molly Fisher
Molly Fisher Titanic the Musical
Majestically depicted, this story of grandeur captures the essence of lives lost and memories everlasting, TITANIC THE MUSICAL continues to resonate with audiences all over the world. In the final hour of April 14th, 1912 the RMS Titanic, on her maiden voyage from Southampton, England to New York, collided with an iceberg and ‘the unsinkable ship’ slowly sank. It was one of the most tragic disasters of the 20th Century. 1517 men, women and children lost their lives. MOLLY FISHER is Kate McMurphey in this large-scale disaster experience that pits fate against fortune, in a StageArt production at Chapel off Chapel (July 7-24).
As production is underway for the movie sequel to the kids' ABC series, DANCE ACADEMY: THE COMEBACK follows the life of heroine and top ballerina Tara Webster as she navigates through injury, glamour and dream-rebuilding. Set in NYC and filming around Sydney landmarks such as Capitol Theatre and the Opera House, REKA GEVALDI is among the audience for a ballet festival, alongside JUNKO HIRABAYASHI, ELIANE MOREL, PHILIP JOHN, SIDIQUE SWARA, CLELIA NIYIKIZA and MOREBLESSING MATURURE - to date. Even iCCAM Co-creative Director WILLIAM LE lent his hand as an extra!